FAQs For Business Buyers

Now you have decided to buy a business, what do you have to consider?

1. What Type of Buisness Do I Want?

  • What skills or qualifications do I have?
  • Is this type of business realistically affordable?
  • Will the business provide the income I require?
  • Will I require staff or family to assist in the running of the business?

2. Do I Buy Leasehold or Freehold?

  • It may cost less to buy a business that trades from Leasehold premises and pays rent.
  • To buy a business together with the Freehold interest may cost me more.
  • Realistically this will be dependent on a number of things, largely my financial position.

3. Should I Live on The Premises?

  • Some businesses trade from premises with living accommodation, some trade from lock-up premises and some can even be conducted from home.
  • This is dependent on a number of things - my personal preference, the type of business I'm considering buying, but more often - my financial position.

4. What Costs Can Be Involved When Buying a Business?

  • The costs vary from business to business, but generally consideration has to be given to the following:
  • The Leasehold or Freehold premises.
  • The going concern, the assets and the stock.
  • The professional costs incurred - solicitors, accountants and surveyors.
  • Sufficient working capital for initial overheads - rent/rates in advance, money to live on and enough funds to maintain good levels of stock.

5. I Still Have Questions to Ask - Where Do I Go From Here?

  • There are a few general points to note:
  • Always be discreet when enquiring about a Going Concern - the vendor may not want his staff or customers to know his business is for sale.
  • Make an appointment through the Agent to view the business.
  • Prepare in advance all the questions you want answered, and make notes.
  • Whatever the outcome of your visit - communicate with the Agent.
  • Finally - Always take professional advice at the earliest opportunity. Talk to your own bank, a commercial solicitor and a reputable accountant.